Does BIRM® have any side effects? 

No. Birm is harmless, it is non-toxic and therefore has no side-effects.

What is the difference between original BIRM® and concentrate? 

The difference is in concentration. The original formula is used to prevent and maintain a balanced immune system, allowing us to have the necessary defenses to face internal and external aggressions. BIRM® is a coadjuvant to other treatments due to its lack of toxicity. The concentrate version is for compromised immune systems.

How should BIRM® be taken? 

2ml of BIRM® natural supplement, twice a day, with meals.

Can I get in touch with Dr. Cevallos?

Of course. You can contact him at or via Facebook at

Can I take BIRM® while taking other treatments? 

BIRM® has no contraindications to other medications. Our goal is that you feel calm and secure about our product, so we recommend that if your immune system is compromised you please contact

Who can take BIRM®? 

If you are a healthy person and want to maintain your state of health, strengthen your defenses, increase your energy and generally feel a sense of well-being, the preventive formula is what you need. If you are a person who has an immune system that has a hard time working, gets sick easily, is always taking medication or has their immune system compromised, the concentrate version is what you need.

After open, have I refrigerated it? 

It is not necessary, BIRM can be refrigerate or not. It does not affect to its effectiveness.

Do you have testimonials demonstrating BIRM®’s effects? 

You can visit our Youtube channel at where you will find a wide variety of videos and testimonials.

Can I buy BIRM® from outside Ecuador? 

At the moment our only direct authorized distributor for outside Ecuador is You can get in touch through their website or via email at admin@birmproducts.con (recommended) o calling (408) 612-4508.

For how long should I take BIRM®? 

The minimum suggested period is 3 months, during which your body generates an important immunological reserve with the help of BIRM®. However, you can always take it indefinitely, making it part of a daily health routine.

Is there serious research demonstrating BIRM®’s benefits? 

You can read several studies in our website:

Can anyone take BIRM®? 

It can be taken by anyone, from newborns to seniors.

For how long must you take BIRM® to see results? 

BIRM® starts acting at the first dose. We advise a minimum of 3 months to noticeably improve your immune system.

How much does a bottle cost? 

$25USD for 120ml BIRM® and $45 USD for 240ml BIRM.

How can I take it? At what time? 

The preventive dose is 2ml every twelve hours with meal. For specific cases you can email us at:

Where do I find your products? 

At all pharmacy chains in Ecuador. For orders from abroad:

Can it be taken over the counter? Does it have side effects?

It is sold in pharmacies over the counter since it has no side effects. It is a 100% natural product and has no toxicity.

Can you take BIRM® while breastfeeding? 

We recommend not taking it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can diabetics take it? 

Yes, since BIRM® does not have sugar of any kind. For more information email us at:

Can a mom who has just given birth take BIRM®? 

Email us at

To improve the defenses of a one-year-old baby and a 10-year-old girl what should they take? 

1ml every twelve hours, with meals.

How can I disguise the taste? 

You can put it in juice, smoothies and yogurt.

Does it cure cancer? 

It is a coadjuvant for cancer treatment. It can be taken as support for treatment with many benefits. It improves the response and quality of life of the patient.

Can it be taken even when an infection is being treated? Or only when it is already cured? 

You can take it simultaneously with the treatment and maintain BIRM at least for a month to avoid a reinfection. 2.5ml twice a day (every 12 hours).

What is the dose for a two-month-old baby? 

3 drops every twelve hours.

Does it damage the liver if taken in excess?

No. The product has shown 0 toxicity in studies and no side-effects in more than 30 years of application.

What active ingredient does BIRM® have? 

It is an extract of natural plants that enhances and balances your immune system.

Can five-year-old children with allergies take it?

It has very good results for allergic conditions.

What is this medicine recommended for? 

BIRM® is a product that balances the immune system in people who consume it, preparing the body to fight diseases.

Should BIRM® be taken before or after meals? 

It can be taken during or after meals.

When do you see the results of BIRM®?

In a month of treatment, you can assess the result.

From what age should children take BIRM®? 

From birth.

What interactions does BIRM® have with other medicines? 

None, because it is a product without toxicity

Can BIRM® be taken during chemotherapy? 

Yes, because it helps reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy.


 Cosmetic Products




What type of hair are they for? 

For all kinds of hair and daily use.

Do VIVA products have salt? 

This shampoo has no salt. SLS is an ingredient to clean the scalp.

Can someone who suffers from psoriasis use it? 

You can use it, but if you have psoriasis BIRM® oral solution used jointly has excellent results.

My hair is very thin and grows little. Will this shampoo help me? 

Surely, thanks to its natural ingredients that revitalize hair.

When do you see results from the use of VIVA on hair loss? 

Within a month of using it.

Viva serves to avoid dandruff? 

Yes, if seborrhea is not present.



Does the cream remove black spots from the skin? 

With frequent use, NACE cream eliminates spots caused by sunlight and even corrects expression lines.

At what age can you start using the cream? 

Since it is a regenerative cream it is recommended for adults who want to prevent the effects of the passage of time on their skin or attenuate existing expression lines.

Can it be used both day and night? 

Yes, you can use it in that manner.

Is it intended for the face or for the body? 

It is especially designed for the face, neck and hands.

My skin is very sensitive; can I use NACE cream without any issues? 

It is a very noble and smooth cream; you can try it.

Does it have sunscreen? 

It does not have a sunscreen component, but it does not create spots on the skin with sun exposure.

When can you see the results of NACE? 

Within a month of use.

Does NACE remove skin spots? 

Yes, those caused by the sun and by age.

From what age can NACE be used?

From the age of 15.

When using NACE do you need to use sunscreen? 

Yes, since it does not have sunscreen.

Is NACE useful for acne? 

Yes, along with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

How many times a day should you use NACE?

Twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, after washing your face.

Can I use makeup after applying NACE? 

Yes, it has a matting effect on the skin.

If I need to see Dr. Edwin Cevallos, how can I contact him? 

Please email us for free at